Thursday, March 28, 2013

Giving New Life to a Tired Old Bookshelf


I'm really excited about today's post. Its a nice way to unwind after a crazy week of packing and running around like a decapitated chicken. Seven days until we take off to Illinois! Our garage currently looks like this -- 

We are moving ourselves instead of having the military move us, so to make the actual day we pack up the truck as organized as possible, we are slowly packing up our garage with all of our household things and furniture. That way we can clean like the dickens before our final inspection. I hope this scheme works. This next week we will be living in an empty house, sleeping on an air mattress, and eating out pretty much every night. It will be kind of like camping, but not really, at all. 

A few weeks ago I went to the airman's attic (a military donation center) with a friend. I went because she had never been before, not because I needed anything. I passed by this ugly old bookshelf several times. It was saying "You can save me" very gently. I fought it, but when it was time to go home to Basil, the bookshelf came too. 

Ew. What was I thinking? 

It was free, so I figured if it was a flop, it wouldn't be a big loss of money, just time. When I took it home, it gave me a few splinters, there wasn't any glossy sheen to it. I sanded it down using my fancy Genesis Oscillating Multi-tool, just to get a smooth finish on it, not to help the paint stick. So the sanding only took about an hour. I had a feeling the paint would have no trouble adhering to the rough surface. 

My fancy power tool, wooo. 

I had some Olympic Solid Stain left over from another project. I didn't want it to be the exact same color as my other project, so I added a small container of Valspar sample paint in a dark green to the remaining half a quart of stain. Its held up exceptionally well, so mixing the two different paints hasn't seemed to make any difference. 

I rolled the stain onto the bookshelf. I sanded between each coat. It took about 2 hours for each coat to dry completely, and so I waited about 3 hours before sanding each coat down and applying another coat on top. This stain doesn't require any primer, so I just applied 5 coats of this on my bookshelf. 

After Sanding

This stain is fabulous. It leaves a matte finish on the furniture. When you're done painting it on, it will be very rough to the touch, but its deck stain so its made to be walked all over. I just used about 300 grit sandpaper to smooth the final coat down so it would be soft to the touch. Its so smooth and doesn't scratch even with things all over the shelves. I'll be using this brand of stain on any future wooden projects that are going to have a lot of contact with skin and other objects. 

I love my new bookshelf! Slowly my house is coming together, even though its being taken apart and moved 700 miles north. Even though we are moving houses, towns, and states, home is where my husband is, and I enjoy making our home a beautiful place to be. I can't wait to get to Illinois. I'll be able to work on more furniture, and maybe find a hutch or a dining room table that wants to be apart of our little family.

Now I have a place to put all my Venetian masks! 

I hope you enjoyed reading, until next time


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