Saturday, April 27, 2013

First Anniversary - Our Wedding

Hello everyone!

One year ago today, Randy and I promised our lives to each other. It has gone by so fast, but it has been a wonderful year. We started our furniture painting hobby, we added Basil to our family, we've moved and have been able to see many places. Its been hectic at times, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. 

Our wedding was really interesting. Randy proposed to me, and we were engaged. Then I left college and went home to my parents in Germany for eight months, then my mom found out she had to have spinal surgery while my dad was at a school in Alabama, so I knew why I felt the need to go back home. Randy came out to visit me for two months, every weekend we went somewhere. Munich, Nuremberg, Rothenburg, and many other places. I was originally going to move back to North Carolina and we were going to get married in June, and then wait until he went to Basic Military Training for the Air Force. In the middle of taking care of the house and having fun, pastry filled, German adventures, we found out he was leaving for BMT in June.

Us in Rothenburg 
 We had two choices, wait another year to be together, or get married in two weeks.
We decided to just get married there. In Germany it would have taken 6 months to push the marriage paperwork through, so we decided to go to the Vegas of Europe, which is Denmark. All you have to do to get married in Denmark is pay 80 dollars, stay in a hotel there for 3 nights, and enjoy the Danish food. We drove 10 hours up the autobahn, and set up our appointment to be married, and then spent two days enjoying T√łnder, Denmark. 

Just a street in Tonder 
We were upgraded to an apartment for free because they didn't have any of the regular hotel rooms left. It was pretty nice because at this point we were broke, and didn't have the money to eat out every night. We went to the Aldi and bought a pack of hot dogs, the very strange Danish hot dog buns, a refrigerated lasagna, some garlic bread, and other lunch and  breakfast staples, like milk. We did however indulge in the Danish pizza, it was delicious! It had gyro meat on it, and a creamy white sauce over the top of it. 

So yeah, it was awesome. On the third day we got ready to get married, Randy got up extra early and brought me breakfast and hot cocoa. I made myself all cute, and Randy made himself all handsome, and we went to the courthouse. 

When we got out of the car to walk up the courthouse, Randy whipped out these, and surprised me. 

Needless to say, they made all of the emotions of the day surface up, and I was crying over my pretty flowers as we walked in. 

It was a simple ceremony, just Randy and I were there. An older Danish woman asked Randy if he would take me as his husband (there isn't really a word for wife in german or danish, just a word for spouse, so getting called Randy's husband happened frequently while we were in Europe). 

She read us a poem about love and marriage and commitment  we repeated the vows she gave us, and we kissed!

Then we had to sign the marriage documents, and we were on our way home. 

The drive home was 12 hours because of horrible traffic on the autobahn. Being stuck in a car for 12 hours together immediately after you get married and survive it is a true test of love and loyalty.  Although giant creme puffs do sweeten the deal a bit. 

We got back to my parents house around 2 in the morning, and passed right out. We were having a ring ceremony and reception the next week, and we needed all the sleep we could get. I also had finals that next week.

I hope you enjoyed reading, I'll write about the ring ceremony another time.

Until next time, 


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