Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spray Painting Cheap Plastic Fans

Hello Again!

Finally, a relevant home decor related post. It feels great to be getting stuff done in our house. Randy hung up a bunch of things this weekend, and it feels so much more like home. A huge thing for me was Randy hanging up my dry erase calendar/cork board. That thing makes this house go 'round. Not love, but organized lists, dates, and important papers tacked up all in one place. 

The definition of organized, er something close to it

Its right next to my computer desk, which is the best place to have it. I'm so happy, this house is really beginning to feel like home. Speaking of which, every room in our old house had ceiling fans, while these ones do not. The only rooms I need them in are in the bedroom and the living room, so Randy went and bought me two of those cheap galaxy brand fans. It made me feel like I was in a college dorm again. 

They work just fine at circulating the air, but sadly they aren't really easy on the eyes, stark white, in a room of soft grays and greens. I was missing the ceiling fans because they are out of the way, and even if they are ugly, not many people will look up at them and notice. I felt like these pieces were such an eyesore in the living room and our bedroom. 

I was playing around  usefully spending my time on the internet, and I came across this. Of course! This was my answer, why couldn't I do the same thing? It looked easy enough. So I went to Lowes (sadly for my husband it is a third of a mile away from our house, so we've been making frequent trips there, but Basil doesn't seem to mind coming along with us) and got a can of spray paint I thought would blend well with our decor. 

You can see in the picture that it says its good for wood, metal, and plastic, so I spent the extra dollar on this paint because it has a primer with it. If you're gonna do something, might as well do it right the first time around. Its hard to see in the photo, but its a very light melon green. I didn't want something too dark, but later I will probably go darker with the fans, but for now I think they work well. 

Safety First! 
Please wear a mask if you spray paint anything! It is a very bad feeling to have your throat burning something awful, and know that you could have avoided it if you had spent the dollar on a pack of masks. It makes your throat sting for days. 

In this picture you can see the difference between the spray painted motor, and the rest of the white body of the fan. The key to spray painting something like this is to stand back and do several thin layers of paint. This way you won't get too much paint in the motor and break your newly beautified fan. Ours works great, and I don't think we got any substantial amount of paint in the motor. 

Well, here it is. I will probably paint them darker later on, like this winter, but I think for the summer their lighter airy look works for our house. Playing it safe was good here, I don't like jumping into forest greens or bright corals when it comes to decorating. I know, I'm boring, but its how I am. 

My mirror from this post finally got hung up. Now I can check myself out before I head out the door. And yes, Basil has claimed that loveseat for himself. 

And here you can see the coffee table from this post. We've moved that table all over the house, but I think it has finally found its spot in our living room. 

I'm very pleased with this project, who knew 5 dollars in spray paint could make such a difference!  

I hope you enjoyed reading, until next time 



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