Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Painting on Glass: Cute Containers

Hello again!

Today we are going to be making some cute containers to put in my new (to me) hutch! The techniques I am using can be use on any glass surface or container. I've seen this used on wine glasses and mugs.

For mother's day, I sent some of my DIY Laundry Soap to my Mother and MIL. I sent them in these cute glasses.  On the sides I wrote 2 Table Spoons because you use 2 tablespoons per load. I didn't think about it till after, but they won't be able to reuse the glasses for anything else. So I guess I'll have to send them more soap.

I knew I wanted to decorate the containers I sent them, but I didn't really know where to start, so I did a google search and came across this Michael's page about glass painting basics.

The first thing you need is a paint pen, I used a Painter's pen in black. I liked this brand because you can choose the color, and the kind of tip you want on your pen. I will slowly build up my collection of paint pens, but for now, black is all I need.

Thoroughly clean off your glass with glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol. You don't want to have any streaks or grease on your finished product.

Make your design, this kind of paint pen is able to be easily wiped away with a tooth pick or damp Q tip.

Place your containers in a cold oven (make sure you do not put lids in the oven with rubber edges, or metal lids. Glass parts only. Turn the oven to 350, wait twenty minutes and then turn the oven off. Do not remove glasses from oven until they are cool.

You should be finished, accent your container with any cute yarn, ribbon, or bows as desired, fill them with whatever you want, and enjoy your very own unique container for your home.

I hope you enjoyed reading, until next time


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