Sunday, May 5, 2013

Three Week Wedding Ceremony

Hello internet!

Today is May 4th, and a year ago today Randy and I had our ring ceremony and reception with the people from my dad's unit, and most of our church congregation. It you read this post, you will know that we decided to get married about two weeks before we actually did it. We went up to Denmark, got hitched, and drove back down to Germany. Then exactly a week later, we had a small, but fun and romantic Ring Exchange Ceremony and Reception. My dad and the rest of his unit left for Afghanistan two days after our reception, so it was a really emotional time. As something I wanted to do for the father daughter dance, I invited all other father/daughter couplings to dance along side us since most of the dads were leaving. 

Anyways, I would like to talk about how Randy and I put together a decent (well, we thought it was pretty good) wedding and reception in three weeks.

I had to list what I absolutely wanted for the wedding and reception. It came down to about five things I felt I needed for it to be MY special day.

1. Big White Dress

2. Big White Cake
3. Unity Candles
4. Cute Centerpieces 

5. Photos 

I immediately went online and found the dress I wanted. It cost me about three hundred dollars because I had to put a rush order on it. But I felt like it was worth it. My best friend had an equally short time to plan her wedding, and she bought the most beautiful dress ever here. Tell me this isn't a pretty, and affordable dress that could be used for a wedding. So if you think you need 5000 dollars for your dress budget, think again. 

 As for the cake, it was done by the wonderfully talented Georgia, she lives in Illesheim, where my family lives, and my wedding cake was the first wedding cake she ever did. She did not disappoint! I teared up when I saw my cake, because it was EXACTLY what I wanted. I showed her a few pictures, and she knew what I meant. We ordered the cake just in time for her to make it for the reception. She told us she stayed up all night, and finished it right before the ceremony, so it would be as fresh as possible. It was honestly the most beautiful, AND best tasting wedding cake I had ever eaten. Most cakes are either really pretty and stale, or not that great looking, but taste delicious. We had both, and it only cost us three hundred dollars. 

The cake was only possible because our dear friend Miss Kim gave Randy and I the money for our cake budget. It was the most generous gift ever, and honestly, if it hadn't been for miss Kim's help and generosity of her time, money, and energy, we wouldn't have had a very successful or happy ceremony or reception. Thank you so much Miss Kim! We will never forget your help and sweet spirit. 

She even helped us cut the cake 

The Unity Candles were something I had always wanted for my wedding. We just went to a german grocery store and got ivory candles, two of the skinny ones, and one of the thick ones. We got plain, but pretty candle holders, and just made them work. No reason to spend 50 dollars on a set of "certified unity candles" and I've seen people pay way more for them. Thinking back now, I wish we hadn't included them in the ring ceremony. It made the flow of the ceremony a bit awkward, but it really felt great seeing that wick ignite, and knowing that it was mine and Randy's flame that made it happen. That's what really matters of course. 

The centerpieces! This is the fun part of everything. I knew we wouldn't be able to afford much, and we needed about 40 of these things. I had the brilliant idea to buy the base thrift store out of their water goblets and glass ware and every shape. We even got one of those cactus shaped margarita glasses. We paid about 8 dollars for 40 glasses. We got green and ivory colored rocks, dropped them in the bottom, filled with water and put a floating candle on top. So even though none of the glasses were the same, I felt like it had a beautiful kind of.. symmetry to it. And as an extra bonus, we had each family take a centerpiece home with them as a wedding favor. 

I am a photo nut, even though I have a very cheap, older camera, I take it with me wherever I go hoping to document something new and interesting. I knew I needed someone who was going to capture my wedding how I would. Miss Kim's high school ages son, Patrick, took the photos for us as a wedding present. He was wonderful! I couldn't have asked for better, honestly. The photos were honest, and he really captured the things that I wanted him to. 

The day before Randy went back to North Carolina to get ready for boot camp, our good friend Tami took some Mess the Dress photos around her quaint German town. So we got the ceremony photos, and the staged, cute photos, and they didn't cost us two arms and a foot. Thank you so much Tami and Patrick for your beautiful photos. You both have true talent and an eye for beautiful shots. 

We booked the base chapel for the ring ceremony, and we booked the base event center for the reception. We borrowed table cloths from our church, and used the local deli to do the catering (we had chicken cordon bleu and schnitzel with potato salad and fries + pizza for the kids) and it was so unhealthy, but so delicious! We bought several bottles of Welch's sparkling cider, grape juice, and cranberry juice. It was perfect. It was a whirlwind, and crazy, and it ached not having my best friend by my side for it, but I think it worked out exactly how it was supposed to. 

Most military brides that have weddings like mine, always tell themselves they will do the big wedding later, but it rarely happens. The wedding we had was enough for me. The Denmark wedding was perfect, and our ring ceremony and reception were romantic and fun. I really wouldn't change a thing. If you would like to see all of our photos, go here.

I am so happy to be married to my best friend, the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. One year down, so many more to go, and I couldn't be happier. 

I hope you enjoyed reading, until next time 



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