Friday, June 7, 2013

Changing Table Make Over


The past few weeks I have been working hard on a very special project. My friend Heather, whose husband is in the air force had their first child, Carson. He is stationed in Germany, and she was supposed to have the baby there with him, but they visited her family around Christmas, and her American doctor told her she wouldn't be able to fly back. She had the baby in the states, and her husband flew in for a couple days to be there for the birth, and to bond with the baby, and then he had to go right back to Germany. Heather is with her mom, and she's been there for two months since Carson was born, and its probably going to be another two months before she can go back home to her husband.

This is similar to my own story, my dad was stationed in Germany, and my mom was too far along to fly with him, he didn't even meet me until I was 3 months old, and then it took another couple of months before we could go live with him. Its just a military thing, the sacrifices people make in their personal lives to serve their country.  I felt compelled to send Heather something for her son, and she told me the only thing they didn't have was a changing table. I recently purchased a used and really sturdy one for 30 dollars, and decided to do something crazy, I was going to fix up the one I just got for her, and send it to Germany. Its light weight, and it comes apart pretty easily, so I didn't think it would be too difficult to ship.

I originally wanted to match the changing table to their crib, and the crib is stained "Espresso" but every single espresso color I tried was almost black compared to the crib. Thank goodness I always did test strips or there would have been triple the amount of sanding. Of course my wonderful husband did the sanding for this project. It has so many nooks and crannies to sand, he is so wonderful for always helping me with my crazy projects.

When I couldn't find a matching stain, we decided to paint it to match Carson's bedding. Heather has the Fisher Price Precious Planets bedding set (view the link to zoom in on the pictures), so I looked it up and found a pattern I wanted to model the changing table after. I bought some wal mart stencils to put jungle looking leaves on the crib to give it some motion with the polka dots.

Too cute! 

I eventually took it apart to do the detail painting

The top panel was a bit flimsy, and not real wood, so Randy and I went and bought a thin piece of real wood and cut it down to size to replace the top panel. We put 30 lbs of weights on it, and held, so I'd say its baby proof! Although, I doubt they will still be lugging Carson up onto the table when he is thirty pounds. But if they ever want to, they can!

Finding paint to match the bed set was pretty simple. I got a quart of the dark paint, and a sample size of the light green. I started with my favorite primer from this project. About two coats, then I let it dry over night, and began painting. I had to hand paint the whole thing with a brush, because of the all nooks and crannies in this thing, when I tried to roll the paint on with a sponge roller, the paint would dry really thick in parts where it collected, which just looked terrible. So painting the whole thing with a brush was the only option. I told Randy that we had better have a paint sprayer by the time we have babies I have to do cribs and changing tables for. It was hard work!

I used minwax Polycrylic protective finish over all the surfaces that will get bumped and scraped over the next year or two. I bought at least four little jars of clear coat for 2 dollars each when they are normally about nine. This was helpful as well since I used semi gloss paint for the dark green, and the samples only come in satin paint, so there was a difference in look, but the clear coat makes everything even and finished looking.

That's pretty much it, the challenge was finding a box to ship it in. We used an old mirror box from our move, and packed it all up as best as we could. Its on its way to Germany now! I'm so excited for them to get it. I hope they just love it. This is my first time doing furniture for somebody else, and I certainly hope its not the last.

 I hope you enjoyed reading, until next time


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