Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Patriotic Mantle Arrangement


I am in Germany now! But even so, I am feeling the patriotic air that is present during the summer, especially since I am so near an army base. Growing up in the army, and being an air force spouse, has given me a special appreciation for this wonderful country we live in. Before I left home, I made an effort to spruce up our fireplace mantle, before it was just a place to put the things that we didn't really know what to do with. Now that it is finally organized and has a theme, I hope I will be able to keep it going and change it with the seasons and holidays.

I bought these prints and frames at walmart for 5 dollars, three for the prints, and a dollar each for the frame. I used the gray paint I had  leftover from painting the back of my hutch, and I think its nice neutral color to even out the vibrant red and dark blues. I am planning on putting these prints in my future children's bedrooms. The prints are pretty much the same, but one is a little more feminine than the other, so it will be perfect if we have a boy and then a girl. I am so in love with these prints!

The next items I put together were the vases, I bought the red white and blue flowers and ribbon from michael's, and I found the vases from a yard sale. I feel that the flowers make the whole set up seem summer-y.

I bought a 2ftx3ft project panel from Lowes because I wanted something to cover up some of that stone behind out mantle, and decided I was going to paint a simple American flag. By simple I mean crude, childlike, not very detailed. I went to Lowes and picked out the red, white, and blue I wanted, and bought samples (I'm crazy about samples, if you can't tell). I primed it with three coats of Zinsser Bulls Eye Water Based primer and sealer.

I wanted to do 5 stripes, so 24/5 is 4.8 so each stripe needs to be a little under 5 inches thick.  I've seen most people just do an even number of stripes so they don't have to worry about decimals, but for ME it is important that the first and last stripe are red because that is how it is on a normal flag. So I drew out my flag, taped it up, and got ready to paint.

I was almost finished painting my flag (minus the stars) when I realized I completely stink at drawing stars freehanded. I went to walmart to find a set of different sized star stencils.I found some, used them, and completed my flag.

It still all looked a little bare up there, and I realised I wanted to create a bunting banner, so I went and got some red white and blue fabric and cut it all out and hot glued it to some yarn. Not my best work, but I was in a hurry, and I think it looks so good with everything else its okay if the edges are a little jagged.

Next year I will definitely add more to my Patriotic summer mantle arrangement, but I think for my first one, I did pretty well. Happy Independence day and as always I hope you enjoyed reading. Until next time


P.S. Basil has his very own banner to wave now!

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