Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Deck Stained TV Stand

Today I thought I might write about one of the projects I am extremely proud of, our upcycled coffee table turned TV Stand!

We found this incredibly solid coffee table while yard sale-ing one Saturday morning with Basil. We're really into yard sales now because its a great way to get Basil out of the house and around people so he can socialize without bothering anyone. Lowe's is way too busy on the weekends to take him, so hitting up yard sales is the perfect solution for Saturday mornings.
What happens when Basil doesn't get to leave the house all weekend. Poor Tigger =[

I loved it as soon as I saw it, and I knew I wanted to put our TV and other electronics on it. Before we finished this table, we had our TV sitting up on an unfinished outdoor side table which didn't match anything. All of the entertainment centers I came across on craigslist just seemed to big for our 20 inch television and one gaming console. The low, long, and simple table seemed to be just right to go with our living room.

It took us a couple months to finish sanding it to be honest, we were just plain lazy when it came to this table. We weren't in any rush because the tv was on something. But when it was finally sanded I finished it in one weekend.

I knew I wanted to paint it with something that was going to be able to take a beating with electronics and remotes and other junk all over it all the time. I decided to use Olympic outdoor stain. It is meant to be used on decks and such so I knew it wouldn't scratch or wear easily. It took about half the quart to cover the table. I didn't bother priming it. I just used about five coats of the stain. I rolled it on the same I would for latex paint. I used the remaining stain in this project.

This was before I was familiar with wax or glazing, and so in order to accentuate the ridges in the table, I got a toothpick dipped in black paint and filled in the lines, and then sanded down the mistakes. When the Olympic stain dries, it has a very course texture, but going over the whole thing with about 220 grit sand paper made it extremely smooth to the touch. It has a matte finish that I like, and like gloss paint, its very easy to wipe down. This stain is great on my wood projects that are going to get an extra amount of love!

Needless to say, this one thing made me look at my living room in a completely different way. It felt like the room was coming together instead of just being a mismatch of cheap furniture that you find in most newly weds' homes. I actually found the best baskets to go underneath it at Dollar General, and they are made are extremely thick yarn so Basil can't eat it, even if he tried.

I hope you enjoyed reading, until next time



  1. Wow, great up-cycle, I adore white wooden furniture! I'd really like to do something similar although if I did, I'd do as you did with the exception of applying a wood stain to the top panel to give it that French country kitchen feel!

    1. Thank you so much, when I was finished I couldn't believe I had created it!
      I'm considering going over it with an antique glaze in the future. I just have to see how my living room style evolves =]
      Thanks for the comment!