Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Scout: Our Newest Adopted Doggy

Hello there!

I have some very exciting news to share with you! We adopted another dog!
Meet Scout! 

His name is Scout, and he is just 2 months older than Basil.

We honestly weren't really looking for a dog, but we were casually looking at dogs.

Randy and I went to this humane society event called Splash for Rescues, it was pretty awesome, and only a couple minutes down the road from our house, so that is how we spent our whole Saturday.

There were two tents with adoptable dogs, one with baby squishy puppies, and the other with adult dogs. We went to the puppy tent first and I oohed and awed over the baby dogs, I picked a few up and put them down on Basil's level. He just seemed bored with them. He likes puppies, but he can't play rough with them, and he can't play tug of war or wrestle or any of his other favorite things to do, so he generally doesn't show much interest in them at the dog park or other instances where he is around squishy puppies.

We made our way over to the adult tent and met so many awesome dogs in need of homes. One that really stuck out to me was Tyson, a pit bull who had his ears completely removed by his previous owner. He was huge and muscular, but very sweet and was content to just lay in the grass all day and get the occasional pet.
I love his bright green eyes and pink nose! 
Eventually we made our way to Scout, and him and Basil immediately began to play, bark, and wrestle with each other. Basil even removed Scout's "Adopt Me" bandanna as if to say "He's ours now, mom". How could I argue with that face?
I mean, really. They look so happy! 
Even though I was about to leave for six weeks to go to Germany, Randy and I felt prompted to go back to Scout's tent again and again and ask questions about him and see how him and Basil did together. Randy really wanted him, which was a shock because he's the one who tells me "No" every time I see a puppy in need of a home on Facebook. But Scout just stole both of our hearts. We got Scout's foster mom's information, and when we went home, we immediately filled out the adoption application. The first weekend I was in Germany, Randy had Scout for his "trial run". Everything went well, and Randy paid our housing pet deposit, and then the adoption fee, and now Scout is completely 100% ours.

Randy has been taking many pictures of the doggies for me while I am overseas. I am so in love with this boy, and I know he was meant to be in our family!

Basil, Chunkey (who we occasionally babysit) and Scout 

Basil even let Scout have the bigger crate.  
-Christine, Randy, Basil, AND Scout.

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