Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer Vacation Overview (DISNEY CRUISE AAAH)


I am finally heading home to Illinois next Monday. I can't wait to go home and fix my house and work on projects and play with my dogs and go to church with my husband and just get back to life. It was a great vacation, but it was a little too long, and I missed my house and family a little too much.
I miss this man

Based on some of my recent blog posts, you should know that we adopted a new dog while I was away, so I really can't wait to get home and bond with our new furbaby. Also, Randy picked up quite a few pieces of furniture for me, including a new dining room table while I was gone, so I can't wait to get started with that!

Miss these dogs 

While I was visiting my parents and siblings here in Germany, we went on a 12 night Disney Mediterranean cruise. We got to visit Barcelona, France, Monaco, Rome, Athens, Turkey, Mykonos, and Malta. It was an awesome experience! And anybody who knows me knows that I am the biggest Disney nerd, so you are graced with reading the words of a Three-Time-Disney-Trivia-Champion. (I'm a winner!).

I will be writing a blog dedicated to each of the countries I visited while overseas. So you will be seeing those over the next couple of months. But until then, here is a sampling of the pictures I took from different countries.


Mykonos, Greece 


Trevi Fountain, Rome


Villefranche Beach, France 

Nice, France 

The entire country of Monaco (its the same size as central park) 

Monaco cathedral where Grace Kelly was married and is now buried 

I hope you enjoyed this sampling of pictures from my trip. Can't wait to write about the rest. It really was an amazing experience and I can't wait to go back and see all these places with my husband and our doggies. Until next time,



  1. Your pictures look amazing! I'll bet Randy is sad he didn't get to go. Can't wait to have you back. : )

    1. I can't wait to be back! I'm really excited about discussing our book. I loved it! Randy wasn't nearly as disappointed as I was, but my parent's are already planning a cruise for my little sister's graduation, so we'll get another chance to go. =]