Wednesday, August 14, 2013



So I have been home exactly a week from my european summer vacation six week extravaganza. Our twelve night Disney cruise left out of Barcelona, and the day before we hopped on the boat we explored this beautiful Spanish port city.

Our breakfast in our hotel consisted of mostly bread, cold cuts, fruit and cheese. We took the train to the center of the city because our hotel was about forty-five minutes away. Our first stop was a gothic quarter tour I booked a couple weeks prior. We used whisper headsets which were awesome, the tour guides voice was transmitted to our headsets so we could wander around and look at things on our own and still hear him. One of the things I hate about tours is always being crowded with the rest of the group so I can hear our guide, so I would definitely recommend this kind of tour to anybody.
We saw some pretty awesome stuff. I'll just let the photos speak for themselves though.

So that was two hours of our day. We got lunch and headed back to the hotel to swim for a few hours and then napped. For dinner we headed back into the city and after eating we found these open air tour buses that take you all over the city. We barely had enough time to ride a full route, but I fell completely in love with Barcelona. It was bigger and more beautiful than I could ever imagine.

Well I hope you enjoyed these photos, next week should be a normal furniture related post.


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