Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Side Table + Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Hello there!

I think you might remember my side tables from this post. Well they are finally back, and ready to be finished... six months after I bought them.

So this is our starting point.
Its not horrible or anything, but really, the yellowing cream color with black glaze is not my style, but these tables have good bones. I love the spiral pieces on the legs, and this sucker is SOLID. 
Whoever painted these before me painted it to last a nuclear holocaust. I tried to sand it a bit, but it took 5 sanding pads to get past the clear coat. Which is why I decided to use the chemical stripper.

But sadly the stripper was not able to get everything off. I was feeling frustrated because I couldn't move forward with these tables because of my inability to remove the small flecks of paint and primer left on the table. Then I heard about Annie Sloan chalk paint. This miracle women's paint where prepping your furniture isn't required in any way, even sanding. 

This paint is expensive, a whopping forty dollars a quart. I basically had to make a powerpoint presentation to convince Randy that it was worth buying. But I did convince him. I bought Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Grey. 

This is just one brush's worth of paint. 
Randy and I began painting as soon as he got home. It took barely two coats on the plain wood to get perfect coverage(with all its imperfections and unremovable paint flecks). 

Just one slightly watered down coat.
The ladies at the thrfit store I bought my paint from told me to get a smooth finish to dip my brush in water, and then dip it in paint. The technique makes the paint last longer and gives it a smooth appearance. By now you should know I am not a huge fan of distressing or making things look... well old and shabby. So putting it on thick just to sand it away was not the style I was going for. 

Just two watered down coats of paint. Look at that, completely transformed. 
Then we covered it in oil based minwax polyurethane (I was not willing to buy the clear wax that goes with the paint). I like the poly but I think next time I use my chalk paint, I will buy some clear wax from a less expensive brand and try that out. 

With the poly 
I used oil based clear coat because I was afraid a water based clear coat might make the paint run if it is water soluble, but upon doing more research I believe you can use polycrylic with this type of paint. 

The doggies take turns babysitting me while I'm in the backyard working on projects
The knobs on these drawers are (I think) cast iron. I just love them. They are so heavy and durable and they have a very pretty floral design in the center, but they do not make it appear overly girly. I do share a room with my husband, so I try to keep his opinions in consideration.

Overall, I am really impressed with how this paint performed. I don't know if I will be buying the Annie Sloan brand again, but I definitely want to try to make my own home made chalk paint. Had I known about chalk paint before, I would have just painted over the original finish; no muss no fuss. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, until next time



  1. Turned out wonderful! I love the detail on them. I've never used ASCP, but I know there are a lot of people who swear by it.

  2. Thanks so much Loribeth! And I really enjoyed working with it, but I will still use other paints. Its particularly good for difficult cases like these side tables.

  3. Interesting project, thanks for sharing!

  4. $40?!? But I suppose the amount of time saved (if you skip all the prep) is worth it. :) Great tables- they have good bones!

    1. It was worth it! I just wish I had known about it sooner so I wouldn't have wasted time with the paint stripper haha. And I love love these tables! I actually got them for 40 dollars, so they cost just as much as the paint did. =]

  5. I love how it turned out! I literally LOL'd at your power point comment, I almost had to do the same when I bought mine! I love the grey :)

    1. I love it too! I'm wanting to buy provence next, but we'll see. Obviously my husband wants to see how home made chalk paint works compared to the annie sloan before we buy another quart of it. But I've used the paris grey on several projects now. I really like how its so neutral, it really works with any color scheme!

  6. Great post, Christine! I love how your tables turned out, especially with the poly! I can't wait to see more of your chalk paint projects! If you want to make your own chalk paint, check out this post:

    1. Thanks Faith! It was actually you who told me to use chalk paint when I was lamenting about how difficult they were to prep on facebook. =] And I am actually planning on using your recipe today! I have my plaster of paris.