Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fostering a Puppy


So, I haven't been updating as regularly because we have a foster puppy in our house!

There is a large group of neighborhood kids that adore Scout and Basil. They come and knock on our door at all hours of the day asking to play with them and pet them. We usually don't mind letting them out for some pettings (it would be nicer if we have a fenced in back yard though). Well, last Wednesday night around 7:30 pm, Randy and I are enjoying The New Girl and eating dinner on our nifty tv dinner trays when all of a sudden there is violent urgent knocking on our front door. We looked out the window and saw it was those kids. Randy told me to just ignore it and finish dinner, but I went to answer the door and tell them that after 5pm is too late to come play with the dogs. When I opened the door the oldest girl in the group was holding the most pathetic looking puppy I've ever seen in her arms.

I asked where they found her, and nobody could give me a straight answer (I later found out it was because they rescued her from a different group of kids that were repeatedly throwing her on the ground). She had very little fur on her body, and she was pretty much skin and bones. It was obvious that she was a stray, or if she had owners, we wouldn't want to return her to them. We took her in, and went to walmart to buy some wet puppy food and puppy formula. She was so
lethargic and listless while we were at the store I was actually afraid she was going to die in my arms. The poor thing could barely lift her head. When we got her home, we immediately opened a can of food, and when she smelled the food she tried to eat the foil off the top of the can. She devoured an entire can of Caesar's puppy food in about 2 minutes. And then she looked for more! After that first feeding, we limited her meals to about a quarter of a cup of food, four times a day. The next day I took her to the vet where she was given mange medication and a dewormer.

Our dogs love her so much. Basil follows her around during the day to keep her out of trouble, and as soon as Scout lays down, she snuggled up to his warm belly, and he licks the top of her head, pretty much sliming her. The first night we had her, she slept in a laundry basket with towels in it, and Basil actually woke me up at 3am to let me know she was out of her bed (the tattletale). They have even been leaving just a little bit of kibble in their bowls when they've finished eating lately, and I realized they are each saving a little bit for her. When we give them treats, they drop a little bit on the floor for her to snatch up.

My aunts in California just lost their dog, and when they saw Lil' Miss (thats what we call the puppy) on my facebook page they decided they wanted her. So in about a month or so she should be able to fly and we will be able to send her to her furever home. My mom, my aunts, and I are splitting the costs of the vet bills, and Lil' Miss is as spoiled as can be. Just this morning as I was preparing her breakfast, she was squawking (Scout usually annoys her) so I yelled "Scout!". She kept barking, so I looked down at her, and she is alone, the dogs are on the other side of me. I realized, she's yelling at me to hurry up! If I walk away from her, she barks at me as if to say "Come back here, you can't walk away from me!" when I go to use the bathroom she barks at the door and shoves her paws under the door. She has so much personality and life compared to that first night. She is a feisty little thing!

I would like to take a moment to mention how the children treated her, the bad ones that were hurting her for the fun of it. I know some people think its common sense to not hurt animals, but if their parents never teach them to be kind and gentle towards animals, they won't think anything of harming a mangy, skinny puppy. Its so important to teach our children to be caring towards animals. Animals can't speak, we are their only voice of defence. Also, those kids were so right to bring the puppy to our house. If you are thinking about getting a dog, please consider adopting from the humane society or other rescues. There are so many dogs in this world that need homes. Also, please please spay and neuter your pets. Lil' Miss wouldn't have been in the situation she is in if people were more responsible for their pets.

We are so blessed to have the opportunity to help this little girl. If you or your kids ever find a stray animal, please contact your local rescue. I am quite certain Lil' Miss would not have lived through the night if we hadn't brought her in. But she is spoiled rotten now, and going to the best home possible once she is strong enough.

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