Thursday, October 3, 2013

ASCP Bread Box and Puppy Update


So it has been a bit crazy around here!
Caught. In. The. ACT. 
               This is mostly what I do everyday. Keep Lil' Miss (what we called the puppy) out of trouble, TRY to work on furniture, and continually clean up after three dogs and a husband. Also, Randy just started the night shift, so that has been a transition in itself. Anyways, we've just been doing our best to keep up with everything the past couple of weeks.

Lil' Miss has been doing amazingly well. She's doubled her weight in the two weeks since we took her to the vet, she is officially parasite free, and she even has a thin coat of fuzz growing all over her body which means her real hair will being growing in very soon. Hooray! She was starting to look like a wrinkly gray elephant with bad dandruff. Another sign of vitality, she is constantly beating up Basil and Scout and taking their lunch money (or just their lunch). I mean seriously, this girl can EAT.
Oh poor puppy, she is just so feeble and meek

So I have managed to do one little thing in the past few weeks. I bought the cutest little wooden bread box for five dollars (the only other time I have ever seen a bread box in my life is from this clip as a toddler) and decided to paint it with some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I finished three big pieces of furniture with it, and still have a fourth of a can left (would have a third, but Randy tipped it over and spilled about two cups of it on the patio). This paint lasts quite a while, well worth the money I spent on it.

I absolutely love the little wheat engraving on the front of the box, and I was worried it wouldn't show up well if I painted it gray.

My worries were totally unfounded. I think you can actually see the detail in it better now thats its painted one solid color. Once I painted it (I only needed one coat, but did two anyways) I applied a coat of Minwax finishing paste over the top to seal it. I absolutely love how the gray works with the pink knife block and the green storage cabinet in my kitchen. Also, it holds my bread! So now I have more space for cans of puppy food in my cabinets. Yay. 

We finished two commissioned pieces, that I will post about later, but now that we are finished with those, we can get started working on our pedestal table and wooden chairs we acquired over the summer. We are so excited to get rid of our cheap walmart table and make something we really love! 

So Randy and I went to the military ball the second Saturday in September. We went to Chicago the third Saturday, and Memphis the fourth Saturday in September. So we had some busy, busy weekends this month! I went to Macy's to have my makeup done, and the bare essentials lady did my makeup for free, which was awesome because my hairdo cost 60 dollars. 

Lil' Miss has really become a part of the family. The dogs have even taught her that she needs to watch my every move while I am working out on the patio, a duty she takes very seriously. We will be sad when she goes, but we have two more foster puppies coming in. Gateway Pet Guardians (the rescue we found Scout through) rescued over 30 puppies last month! They were desperate for fosters for the little guys, so I volunteered us (of course I asked Randy after I had done it) and we are getting Sage and Curry, two members of the spice puppies. So, the puppy saga will continue! 

If she rolls on her back after she eats, she can't flip back over because of her big belly. Its pretty hilarious. 

So what kind of back to school, back into the season kinds of things have you spent your September doing? 

Hope you enjoyed reading, until next time,



  1. love the color schemes! very cute!

    1. Thanks Joy! Gray and green is kind of how it goes in this house =] with some yellow thrown in.

  2. Thanks for linking to my blog post with the 32 puppies that need homes. We're starting to get some applications on some of the puppies, but we need a bunch more adopters if we want them all to go home as soon as they have their shots and are fixed. You sharing the link makes a difference!

    1. I will keep advertising the puppies on my blog and other social media! I hope they all find homes quickly =]