Friday, October 18, 2013

Foster Puppy Update and The Dedicated House Feature


So this is just a quick update about the puppies. I think I may try to post every Monday and Thursday from now on. We'll see how that goes. I read this blog post about blogging, and wow, there is a LOT of stuff I could work on. So... lets get started shall we?

Chip (FKA Sage) is going to stay on the Illinois side of St Louis. He is going to a wonderful family, with two small children, and will be the only dog in the house, so I am sure he will be spoiled rotten. When we did the home visit, he and the daughter in the family immediately clicked, I can already tell that's going to be his girl. I think the family suits him just right. He is playful and fun, yet cuddly and sensitive. I'm so excited we were able to find him a family! He will be with his new family sometime in November.

Axel (FKA Curry) is going to Missouri with an extremely pet involved family. They have no human children, but they do have two fur babies who get lots of love and attention. They built a fire pit in their backyard so they could invite all of their friends over to hang out, instead of leaving the house and the dogs alone to socialize. He is going to need a family that is a little more used to dogs, because he is all puppy. With nipping and playing and running me ragged all day. He will be going to his new home sometime in November.

Lil' Miss is going to my aunts in California, they have a little kitten named Baby Bell who is just as much a mischief maker as she is. She is going to be an inside dog, living in the lap of luxury pretty much. I don't think I could have given her to anyone else but Family. She's had such a hard life as it is, I can feel good knowing she will be taken care of to the best of their ability. She will be flying out the first week on November. We are going to desperately miss her, but its easier to let her go, knowing she is in a good place. Can you see how healthy her fur and skin look? She has come a loooong way from the ratty like two and a half pound ball of mange that was brought to our doorstep. She is a whopping ten pounds now, and has a completely full coat of fur.
I'm pretty sure they are all best friends. 

She doesn't sleep quite as much as the other two, but she is always up for snuggling with them while they sleep.

Our pink crib from last week is being featured over at The Dedicated House! Go check it out!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed reading, until next time,


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