Monday, October 7, 2013

We Bought A Zoo

Hello internet!

In addition to Lil Miss, we are now fostering Curry and Sage! Two of the thirty-two puppies that were rescued from East St. Louis last month. What have I done?

The story of this video, is that one of them pooped in the crate this morning before we had a chance to take everyone potty, and they all rolled in it. So we had to bathe them one at a time. Curry is clean in the crate, Sage is in the sink, and Lil Miss is still covered in poop in the laundry room. Oh the glamorous life of a dog owner with no children... 

Curry and Sage wrestling

Sage loves playing in the grass more than anything 

We have a pedestal table that we picked up over the summer. We want to do the table charcoal, and the chairs a lighter gray or a soft blue. What do you think? In the dining area we already have our bright yellow hutch, and our robins egg colored desk. I was thinking we need a dark table to even out the pastels. Let me know what you would suggest in the comment section! 

Also in the furniture purgatory pile is a co-sleeper mini crib I bought at a yardsale for 30 dollars. We're not expecting to have kids anytime soon, but Randy tells me that if I see something I like, to just buy it. Sooo... I couldn't pass it up! 

 Working on my Fall mantle has not been easy. I'm not sure why.. I am just resistant to all the pumpkins and hay bales. I think what I really want to do is just skip to the Christmas season, but its not quite that time yet. Anyways, here is what I have so far for my Fall decor. 

Chalkboard bunting... bunting is still in right? 

The cutest little candle topper for my hazelnut candle! Picked this up at the airman's attic
Remember, you have to season your chalkboard surface first 

Just enough flags for our name 
Randy and I are putting all the money we make off of furniture fixes and anything extra we can save towards our Disney World trip in February! Randy has never been, and anybody who knows me personally knows I am a total Disney fanatic. So I used my glass painting technique to make our Disney Money jar out of a pineapple juice jar =] 

Just need 800 more dollars.. wowee. 
Well world, that is what's up with the Lockamy Zoo tonight. What kind of decor changes are you making to welcome in October?

Hope you enjoyed reading, until next time


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