Saturday, November 30, 2013

Post Turkey Day Recap


So, I never usually post food related stuff, but since its the holidays I figured I'd do something food related, since we are in the season of food food food.  

So first, the Thanksgiving Feast. This was my very first year of making a turkey. I was so nervous about cooking a turkey, my mom always uses those turkey roasting bags (which makes the turkey delicious by the way), but I didn't really want to go that route. Then about a month ago I found this video, and I knew what I needed to do! 

I love the way he says butter, like buttuh... I never thought cooking was sexy until I saw this video. I don't mean to say that Gordon is attractive, I think he's terrifying, but that turkey man, mmm mmm mmmmmmm. 

So I basically did it exactly how he did it in the video. I mixed up the butter, I added some dried Basil in there too (because we love basil in this house). I stuffed the cavity with the remaining lemon and two small onions. I was intimidated about having to separate the skin and spreading the butter underneath it. It was surprisingly easy. 

I let it roast for 10 minutes at 425, but it didn't brown at all. So I broiled it for about 5 minutes and it crisped right up. Then I spread the bacon over the breast and roasted it at 325 for four hours (it was a 14 pound bird), basting every 30 minutes. Everyone said it was really moist and yummy, I thought it was. They could always be lying, but you know, I'll trust them for now. 

Next I made my gravy. I peeled off the bacon and chopped it up (although I did let each of the doggies have a slice, and I tried a slice as well) and fried it with the lemon halves and onion halves that went into the turkey. I added some rosemary, parsley, red wine, turkey drippings, and chicken stock. I tore off the turkey wings and added those to the mix to get a rich turkey flavor in my gravy. This was also my first time making my own gravy. It was sooo much better than that tasteless brown goop that comes out of the jar. When I first tasted it, I thought "lemon" as that was the first flavor to hit my tongue, but then the 10 or so other aromatic flavors came into play and oh boy, it was just perfect.

I might even make a turkey for Christmas since this one turned out so good. Now speaking of Christmas, my mother makes these buttery yeasty rolls every Christmas, and has us (well just my younger siblings now) deliver huge baskets of them to our neighbors and friends during the holidays. I made them on my own for a second time this Thanksgiving. They are so delicious and just perfect. They are just right for sopping up leftover gravy on your plate, or drizzling them with honey. They are really time consuming to make, but they are simple to put together. You just need two days to prepare them. I'll be posting up the recipe and a tutorial soon. I'm sure Randy won't mind if I make another four dozen just for you guys to see, especially since he gets to eat them all. 

We spent thanksgiving with five other families, it was a bit like a potluck. We all brought dishes (there were two turkeys, one giant ham, and a ton of sides and desserts). I'm definitely going to have to get the recipe for my friend's pecan pie. I didn't even know I like pecan pie. We hung out, gabbed, and let the kiddies run amok. It was a wonderful holiday, and our future thanksgivings are going to be hard to top. 

I hope you enjoyed reading, till next time


  1. Well I absolutely love food I'm happy you posted this today! ;)

    1. Thanks! I do love to cook, and I love to try new things, but I don't feel like cooking is my blogging niche. But I am glad I posted this!