Monday, December 9, 2013

Tipper's Treats: A Review


I'm really excited for today's post! I'll be reviewing Tipper's Treats, an awesome homemade dog treat business started by a friend from my old university. I love Tipper's Treats' tagline - "From our kitchen to your dogs tummy, we ensure that your pooch will be completely satisfied with our 
treats made from fresh produce, meats, and cheeses!"
I love how her business cards match her facebook page!
Her Furbabies. 
Brittany and I met our freshman year of college, and we've continued to keep in touch even after I left that university, and we both got married, acquired lots of fur babies, and her family added a human baby. We've both changed quite a bit in our situations, but we share a love for dogs that has kept us in touch.

She started her own etsy store selling home made dog treats, I've been meaning to buy some for months, but it just kept slipping my mind. When Thanksgiving rolled around, I decided I was going to order some Thanksgiving treats for the dogs. I ordered them, and they arrived promptly, about 4  days after I ordered them. I loved how she wrapped everything. She bakes everything fresh, and is willing to do custom orders. When the box arrived, my dogs could smell the treats through the box. They are incredibly fragrant, the aroma of the treats flooded my nose as soon as I tore open the box. I was tempted to taste one!

I ordered the Thanksgiving dinner treats in the shapes of a brachiosaurus. I asked her to throw in a few other shapes me for to include in my blog and she readily agreed. The shapes are so cute! She has crowns, bones, dinosaurs, hydrants, dog houses, and more! I've never had a dinosaur shaped treat or cookie before. The dogs crowded around the table as I photographed and staged the treats. They even hopped up on it, which they know they are NOT allowed to do. I guess they knew the treats were for them, and boy did they want it!

Tipper's Treats offers several different flavors: "chocolate" chip, pumpkin cinnamon, cinnamon maple apple, peanut butter bacon, banana and coconut, tomato basil, and nutty bacon - just to name a few!

My dogs and I highly recommend these awesome and good for them dog treats! They get excited whenever they see them. The only thing they get more excited about are strips of bacon. I will be ordering another round of Christmas flavored treats. I'm not sure which ones yet (probably peppermint cream), but I'm sure they will also be excellent and my dogs will love them.

I conducted a mini interview with Brittany to learn more about her business, and these are her responses.

 What inspired you to start Tipper's Treat?
"I was standing in pet smart looking at the treats and how expensive they were. I told myself that I could learn to make them myself for half the price and with better ingredients and no added chemicals or fillers. Now my dogs refuse store bought treats."  
 Where do you get your ingredients? What are the standards for the things you put into your product?
" I get my ingredients from locals! We have a farmers market here in town. What I can't find at the farmers market I get from the local grocery store, they are very accommodating to organic, grain free, and gluten free life styles! I make sure everything is in season and ripe. That's also when I stock up on herbs so I can use them when they aren't in season. I dry them myself."
What are your current career goals for Tipper's Treats?
"I currently am working with an investor and a local kennel club. My plan is to expand Tipper's Treats and to one day have my very own shop! It will be based online through etsy for now with future plans of my own website."
How did you come up with the name Tipper's Treats?

"When I first started making treats, I'd ask Tipper if she wanted to "help" me make treats. She would (and still does) come sit in the kitchen by the oven and never moves until they are done in hopes that she'll get one (she always does!) And I just came up with the name. She is the main reason I started making my own treats continuously."
What is unique about your treats that sets them apart from store bought alternatives?
"I'd have to say the flavors and the quality. I love inventing new flavors! As far as quality, all of my treats are simple. They all contain real food that is healthy for your fur kid. I believe simplicity is best for the body, human or animal. I also make them made to order and in small batches."
She also plans to work with local dog shelters as her business expands. She currently has a Facebook page where she keeps her fans and customers updated on her business and new flavors and other deals that come out!

Head on over to the Tipper's Treats and check out the variety of flavors and options for your furbaby, or even a friend's dog or cat. Brittany is offering a Holiday Coupon, code is PAWS2013 and it expires January 2nd. These make great Christmas gifts! I know what I'm putting in Basil and Scout's stockings this year.
I hope you enjoyed reading, until next time



  1. I think I"m going to have to order some of these for my pups! I went to her shop and there are so many awesome items to choose from! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for commenting, and I'm sure your doggies with appreciate it!

  2. haha - I love the expression on the dog's faces!!