Saturday, February 8, 2014

Five Awesome Things You Need to See!


I have been dormant lately. I've been doing plenty of projects and crafts, but for some reason there is a disconnect between the things I have made and my ability to write them all down and take good photos. So I'll just have to show you my adventures in having writers block with very little explanation, and not very good photos.

Like this...
Number One: Awesome Pallet Storage! 
Over Christmas Break I went to my cousin Jessica's house in North Carolina. She lives about twenty minutes away from my in laws, so I'm always happy to be able to see some of my family when we go to see Randy's family also.

My cousin is like me, except on speed. She does dozens of huge projects at a time! I'm not going to show you any of her furniture (right now, one day soon, because it is amazing) but there was something she made that that caught my eye, and that I hope to recreate in my own home soon!

Ooooh.... Aaaaaaah...
Yes, it is a pallet painted black and used to hold art supplies I want you to take a closer look at what is holding the high end prisma colored pencils on the top of this creative storage solution.

What is that? Its brilliant!
Yes, that is an empty monster energy drink can that has been cut in half and is now holding pens, pencils, and color pencils. We don't drink energy drinks (or any soda really) around here, but what an excellent way to recycle things that are used everyday. You spend three to four bucks on the drink, might as well get your dollar's worth out of the can as well. 

Number Two: Minty Filing Cabinet!
This is something that I actually did, I know, I know.. it's shocking that I've actually been up to something the past two months. This is a solid wood filing cabinet that I had Randy rescue while I was in Germany over the summer. I impress myself at being able to find awesome free craigslist furniture from over four thousand miles away. I finally pulled it out of furniture purgatory (the garage) and this is what I decided to do to it.

Pretty sweet, right? 
The color is a mistint from Lowes in the fancy expensive valspar paint. I only paid five dollars for an entire gallon, and have just been waiting for a piece to use it on. Its beautiful! I love love thrifty finds.
Soo.. beautiful... 
Two coats of primer, three coats of paint, and its ready to hold all of my important papers! Which is good, and something we desperately needed since my husband's idea of document "organization" is throwing important papers on the front desk and expecting them to find their way into an appropriate spot.

Number Three: New Commissioned Project! 

I was commissioned to paint an entire bedroom set from a woman who found me on facebook. It was her old set, and she is giving it to her daughter, her "adolescent" room makeover. She wanted it just plain black, which I thought at first would bore me, but I have actually found it quite relaxing.

 This is my living room. 

Yep, those are sheets and drop cloths covering half of my living room. Its waaay too cold to paint outside or in the garage, and I wasn't going to have Randy haul all those pieces upstairs into my painting room just to haul them back down so they can go back to their home. So the living room is a temporary studio. Maybe one day I will have a house with a real studio that is climate controlled and with a drain on the floor, but for now, my living room will have to do. 

This is how they look now, they are halfway finished. Two coats of primer and two coats of black paint are applied. Randy sanded the rough spots out, and now there is just two more coats of black paint, and two coats of clear coat to go. Easy peasy. Hopefully I will have these done before my weekend is out.

Number Four: Foster Puppies! 
So I have had six foster puppies total, five of those have been with Gateway Pet Guardians. So lets recap. 

Black - Lil Miss | Tan- Chip |  Black&Tan - Axel 
 All three of these guys have been adopted. Then I had two temporary fosters. Spokane and Billings. I only had these two little babies for a few days, but I couldn't let them sleep at the shelter. I kept them until a more permanent situation could be arrange. We had just Chip at the time, and Randy was out at the shelter giving him his sulfur bath. I was on the foster forum, and nobody was stepping up to take the last two puppies, Randy kept telling me "no somebody will take them, don't worry" well when Randy was finished nobody had claimed them yet, so I called him up, made him drive back to the shelter and he picked the biggest pup in the litter, and the smallest. They are both adopted now, but we certainly got our fill of squishy puppy snuggles for a few days. 
Its Spokane and Billings, and then Billings and Spokane. I didn't name them. 
And last but certainly not least, we have Medusa. She was found completely alone in East St. Louis in November. I don't know how she survived out there.. well actually I do, she is sneaky, quick, smart, and FAST. She can steal an entire loaf of bread off the counter, and eat it before I even turn around to see what the rustling was all about. We still have her, haven't had many promising applications, and the ones who have been promising never responded back. She was extremely feral and shy when we got her, but now she wakes us up every morning with wet kisses on our cheeks and little paws patting at us to get up and take her potty! She is such a special girl, and I will find the perfect family for her. 

Number Five: Chalkboard Painted Toy Box 

This is kind of an underwhelming note to leave this list on, but oh well, its what I've got! I've had this wooden box lying around for months. I got it from the airman's attic and its been sitting in my garage, waiting to see the light of day again... well little toy box, that day has finally come.

I painted it with paris grey annie sloan chalk paint, and then painted the inner trim with chalkboard paint. I figure, whats better than a toy box filled with toys than a toybox filled with toys that you can draw on? Also, if a kid draws on anything else with plain old white chalk it won't hurt anything, so chalk is pretty much the best writing utensil you can hand a child and walk away feeling safe... well almost.
Gonna end with a photo of a sleeping scout. He is actually sleeping on the couch behind my back right now... good lumbar support, also a heating pad
So the moral of this blog post is that.. I have no idea what I am doing. It would help me if I knew what you guys wanted to read about I guess... well I think after my Disney trip (in 11 days eeeek!) I will be fully recharged and will be able to be back to the mean lean (ha) blogging machine that I once was. Until then, just sit tight and stay with me, because well.. I'm worth it, and I post a lot of cute photos of puppies! What's better than puppies... nothing right?

I hope you were amused by this blog post, or inspired, or just went "Awwww puppy". Until next time,



  1. Awwww, puppies! ;) I think the toy box is super cool! Don't sell yourself short! :)

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