Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Perfect Storm


Spring is in the air! Cliche.. but its true. Especially the pollen. Spring, for the Midwest means a lot of rain and storms with tornadoes. We're still getting a little frost on the ground in the mornings, which in the south, where I mostly grew up, things are already getting incredibly hot and dry. I know, I'm talking about weather.. but I have a point, let me go ahead and get to it.

With all of the warm weather we've been having, I decided to take a trip to Lowe's; sans Basil because he just had bilateral cruciate surgery, he is on strict bed rest for three months. I originally went to get some knobs and paint for a piece I've been slowly working on, but it then grew into an eighty dollar trip where I bought a ridiculous amount of garden supplies.

Over the Winter I had a small sample of Valspar's Perfect Storm that was a part of their Winter collection. I didn't use it until last week though. But, lets just say, I'm in love. Its so bright and bold without reminding me of a highlighting pen I used in college. I have to be careful when I love a color this much, or my whole house will become a variation or shade of this color. I can get obsessed, which is why my whole living room is gray, grayish green, or green. I'm going to use this spring to bring pops of color into my home. Which is where Perfect Storm comes in.
I bought this side table a few months ago for like ten dollars, and it sat in my garage for weeks. I wasn't really in a painting state of mind with starting my job as a full time nanny, deciding to move to a new home, and Basil's injured leg. But a few weeks ago I had Randy haul this little side table up to my painting room, and I worked on it for about an hour everyday while the boys were napping. I like to listen to Pandora or binge watch a show on netflix while painting. Its so nice to have an hour to just let the rest of the world wash away, and be by myself with my thoughts. Usually with a dog or two napping off to the side.

I painted my little side table with Valspar's perfect storm. I bought brand new silver knobs and pulls for it. The original ones were cheap ones from the eighties, and hideous. I put a protective polyacrylic coat over the finish. It only took half of one 8oz sample to cover the whole thing with three full coats. It was so freeing to just finish something!

So I mentioned tornadoes, one of the reasons I've been having a hard time crafting, blogging,  and doing things for myself is that on my list of priorities, my own interests, the things that I do for me, to keep some structure in my life, has been on the very bottom. A couple weeks ago, Randy called me from work at about four in the morning, the tornado sirens (yay spring?) were going off, and I had to rush the doggies down into the smallest half bath in Illinois. Hiding in that bathroom the three or four times I have had to do it this Spring already, has made me realize (in a I am stuck in a bathroom with panicked doggies and forgot my kindle in my room kind of way, not a I'm-scared-and-reflecting-on-my-life kind of way) that its okay if my home isn't perfectly organized or clean. Its okay if my day doesn't go exactly as planned. I need to make time to nurture the things that I love, my marriage, my doggies, and my projects with my blog. If the important stuff is being taken care of, the other things I need to worry about will just fill in the empty spaces.

Tuesday posts, bi-weekly meal plans, little moments spent with Randy, lists, late night snuggles with my puppies; these are the things that make this home go 'round. When I can focus, I can make things beautiful. I will create new life for ugly and forgotten pieces of furniture. I will.


  1. Love this color, too! I agree that you have to be cautious with too much color in a space but this is perfect. I can't get through Lowe's either without spending extra money.

    Happy Easter!

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one! Its seriously a curse. I always end up spending 50 to 100 dollars more than I intended too. And it is a great color! The next color I am becoming slightly obsessed with is Valspar's Whipped Apricot, and it goes together perfectly with Perfect Storm.

  2. That turned out just beautiful. I agree....it's a gorgeous shade! I have some painting I've been waiting to do until it warmed up a bit. You've just convinced me it's time! *giggle*

  3. I need to start refinishing furniture! :)

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