Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Day in New Orleans


The past two weeks I have been on the phone pretty much all day and night trying to get enrolled in school (kind of a difficult thing to do when you have been to three different colleges so far and need a ridiculous amount of paperwork from too many different places) so I haven't had the chance to make anything for myself, or to post on this blog, so I thought I might write about our weekend trip to The Big Easy last year.

When Randy and I lived in Mississippi we were only about two hours away from New Orleans. Sadly, because Randy was working up to 15 hours a day in his tech school, we only went twice. Good thing he will be going back down there in a year, so the doggies and I can visit him and go to New Orleans!

We went down for the weekend with Basil (our only doggie at the time). Poor little guy was so stressed out by all the busy noise of the city he pooped, puked, and peed in Jackson Square within about half an hour. He was only 20 pounds, so it was still cute. Once he got all that out though, he was trotting along happy as can be to explore all the smells.

We went into the Riverwalk, and got Basil some white chocolate covered doggie bones from a stand. We walked through the French Market and bought a couple of masks, and visited Cafe Du Monde and indulged in delicious beignets, milk, coffee, and hot cocoa. We then made our way to the St. Louis Cathedral.

We headed over to Jackson Square and bought some local art! Here is the facebook page of the
fabulous artist we bought our piece from.

We visited so many awesome antique and thrift stores walking down Decatur street on our way to Mojo. We sat on the patio, and enjoyed an amazing meal. We got brie with apples and a baguette for an appetizer, and I ate the cordon bleu which was divine, and Randy had the tortellini. The service was amazing and the food was completely satisfying. They even brought out a bowl of water for Basil. If you ever visit NOLA and want to sit down at a casual but delicious restaurant in the French Quarter, I highly recommend Mojo's!

We caught the first Mardi Gras parade of the year.. I won't post photos as most of the floats were of cardboard giant vaginas and paper mache' penises... but it was definitely an experience!

Here is a photo of delicious brie to make up for that last sentence. 
We drove home exhausted from walking the whole day, and Basil passed out before we got to the parking lot so I carried him to the car, but we were extremely satisfied with our trip and definitely look forward to going back again!

Hope you enjoyed reading, until next time,


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