Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bark in the Park 2014


This past Saturday Scout, Kaya, Randy, and I spent the morning at the Humane Society's Bark in the Park. It is an annual event that supports the Humane Society. This year's Bark in the Park raised over 78,000 dollars! Its a wonderful pet festival with a 5K, 1 mile fun walk, agility courses, frisbee shows, costume contests, and tons of booths with various vendors and rescue groups selling products and educating dog owners on various issues. There is also a booth where you can get your doggie microchipped for 20 dollars! Here are a few photos from the event.
Scout has his backpack on and is ready to go! 
Kaya has on her "adopt me" bandana and is ready to charm her way into a family!
This golden retriever is decked out for the costume contest! He sure looks ferocious! 
The starting line
Look at all of those doggies. It amazes me how many people participate in this event every year. 

Scout and Kaya admiring the pot bellied piggies. They have a farm animal rescue that attends every year called Barn Buddies.

Puppies of all ages enjoy the events! 
Too cute!
We bought Kaya a cute little neck tutu from the Gateway Pet Guardians booth so she could get a little more attention! 

Scout and his Gateway Pet Guardians buddy Rocko getting acquainted. This sweet boy is available for adoption! 
These sweet sisters are dressed like princesses for the costume contest! We will definitely be participating in the costume contest next year. 
The dogs were really into bobbing for biscuits! Scout kept trying to bob for all of them. 
Kaya was amazing at this event. Ever since she came to live with us she has been really timid and shy. She was so open, and the cars on the road during the 1 mile fun walk didn't even phase her. She let so many people love on her, and she was charming. Sadly, she still doesn't have much interest in the adoption field. I need to get this sweet baby's face out there so her forever family will be able to find her.

Kaya and Scout sitting in the bleachers watching the Costume Contest begin.

The car ride home. Both of these guys were completely passed out before we were even out of the parking lot! Scout always has to sleep behind the driver's side seat and Kaya just flopped herself down in the back seat. They were out for the rest of the day, snoozing on the couches, and only getting up to eat dinner. That by itself is worth going to the event, our dogs had a blast, and they got all of their energy out for pretty much the whole week! 

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