Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Guest Bedroom Facelift Planning


I started school this week, which means I haven't had much time for crafting, but I do have plenty of time for daydreaming. Every time I go into our guest bedroom (also the boys I nanny's room when they sleep over) I am just not happy which what I see. The curtain is very dark navy, so they don't wake up at the crack of dawn. The bedding is very tan and neutral.. in case of accidents. I have a busted up old side table in there that holds their clothes, and the one cute thing in the room is a chalkboard painted toy box, which really shouldn't be the one nice thing in there. I want to open this room up with bright colors and make it a relaxing haven for my guests...or even me when I need to escape the pile of laundry in my own bedroom.

I went to target recently to buy a Frozen storybook, the one that comes with the CD and chimes to tell you when to turn the page. I always get lost in the bedding department because they always have such cute selections. It was a miracle I only spent ten dollars on the book instead of my whole paycheck on sheets and pillows and a coral quilt. I promised the sheets I would be back for them..

I had to swing by Lowe's after Target and grab a couple of things, and this beauty caught my eye. I always resist temptation to buy wall art at stores (because I always think I can make my own, and then never do) but I couldn't let this one go, especially since it was in the clearance rack for 10 dollars.

When I got home, I searched for a spot for my brand new orange eye candy, when I realized I was meant to take this piece home. It was destiny.

Its new home is the guest room. And I fully intend to decorate the guest room around this wall canvas. My 14 year old sister who you met in this blog post is coming to visit us for a month in about 2 weeks, and I can't wait. This is a summer project we can work on together! I know she will be excited to help me update her temporary living space. I'm thinking various shades of orange, grey, and white. Like this

First thing is first.. the bedding. I have been eyeing this quilt for some time, and I think now may be the time to invest in it. I would do the orange or maybe the gray.. not sure.
 Although, I could go with something quirky, since its not actually my bedroom I am willing to be more brave than I normally would. I could go with this blah blah blah bedding and have coral sheets underneath it?
I have been hoarding this beautiful (yet busted) dresser in my garage for a few months now. It was previously painted to look like Andy's wall from Toy Story (sky blue with clouds on it) but I already bought the paint to make it a sunset-esque beauty. I bought three different shades of a corally orange color, and I am planning on using different colors to make this dresser a brilliant focal piece for the guest room. 

I went to Michael's last night and spent way too much money... I bought a clock making kit and a round wooden clock face, which I will be painting to match the dresser. I am also planning on painting a side table to match. I just need to decide which one out of my sad stockpile of side tables in the garage I am going to rescue. Something like this photo would be perfect.

 I need some yellow and gray accents for the room, I picked up a cute miniature gray bird cage from Michael's and now I am on the prowl for other adorable knick knacks. Michaels and World Market and next door neighbors to Target in my town, so I have quite the selection when I need to go cute stuff shopping.

What is your favorite place to buy accent pieces and knick knacks? What do you think of the orange? Are you doing any summer redecorating? Let me know in the comments!

I hope you enjoyed reading, until next time


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