About Me!

Welcome! Salutations! Hello There!

My name is Christine.

This is my Blog.

Its always so difficult to write about me's. What do people want to know? Why did they even click on this button? Maybe they just want to know what I look like?
Well internet users, I'll do my best.

My name is Christine Irene and I am 23 years old as of August 24th 2014. I am a student going to school for Hospitality and Tourism. My ultimate goal is to work for Disney in some capacity. I am living with my husband, Randy, and our adorable puppies Basil and Scout in Belleville, Illinois (it is 15 minutes outside of St. Louis MO). My husband is in the air force, so we move around often and have plenty of adventures. We lived in Mississippi from September 2012  through April 2013. Now we are in Illinois, who knows where we will go next? 

My father is in the army, so when people ask "Where are you from?" I'm never quite sure what to say. I usually go with Barstow, California. It is where I was born, and a lot of my family lives there. But I grew up in Alabama, North Carolina, and Germany. My parents and siblings are in Germany now until 2015. Randy and I were married in Denmark, we decided to get married two weeks before we actually did (we were engaged for six months before that). After we married, my husband went to Basic Training and for three months there were only sparse phone calls and lots of letters. 

When I moved to Mississippi to live with my husband after he finished basic training, I only had a bedside table to my name.  We began this whole furniture flipping thing with a ratty old coffee table from the thrift store. Just six months later, we had a whole house full of second hand things that we have made our own. I hope to be able to share our many successes and flops with you on this blog. Not every sad ugly piece of furniture can be saved, but most can with a little tender loving care, and I truly enjoy making things beautiful. It is so rewarding to see the fruits of my labor every day as I walk through my home.

We did not plan on adopting a dog so early in our marriage, but thanks to craigslist I fell in love with our Basil the moment I saw his picture. Raising him has been an adventure, but I wouldn't give it up for anything. I hope to be able to share the joys and frustrations of raising a dog with you, internet user. It has been difficult but so worth it.
 Just nine short months later, we adopted our other dog, Scout. When we saw him in the adoption tent at a rescue event, after Basil ran right up to him, we knew he was meant to be in our family.  Our doggies make our lives so much fuller and funner! We adopted Scout through Gateway Pet Guardians, we were so impressed with their organization we decided to foster dogs with them. We have had six foster puppies so far and hope to be able to foster many more. 

I am obsessed with Disney. I always have been. I probably always will be. I am a three time Disney Trivia Champion. I am a authorized Disney Vacation Planner. I am also obsessed with travelling and seeing new places and experiencing different things. I have been on three different continents now, and hope to add to that list! 

Well internet user, I hope we get to know each other better as we share experiences together. Feel free to look around my blog! Also feel free to contact me on any of my social media, I love hearing from my readers and getting to know who is seeing all this stuff I send out into the ether.

My email address christinelockamy@gmail.com 


  1. Good to get to know you and learn more about you and your family! I love how happy you and your husband look...being young and looking forward to new adventures is wonderful! Love your dogs as well! I look forward to meeting you in person at BBC-St. Louis!

    1. Thanks for the comment Jodee! And wasn't Bloggy Boot Camp amazing? I learned so much!